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    Why do you ask so many questions? :-)))


    1/ Because... there is :-)


    2/ Because I am. I've been in the IT field for many years, including in beta testing programs before. Have reported many bugs. Have provided dumps, gathered info from versatile systems. Have been dealing with DBs. And have been also tech support. Have written some code (a little) myself.


    3/ To contribute to the development and troubleshooting. Anyone can criticize. But it's another thing if you can give a hand in the process of building something. My background and experience can be of good help. I've had criticized enough. But have also provided info on memory leaks previously. Now it is time to assist in avoiding such pitfalls in advance, whenever I can.


    4/ Beta testing would let me know from early stage what to expect. Can even happen that a feature based on an idea of mine may appear in next major release (for LR 7, guess it's too late already).

    * Can be useful to some extend to midi2lr dev if I find something related to his project.

    * Can acquaint myself and later on others on new features to come...

    * And let's not forget that I am pretty advanced LR power user (develop module).

    * Have tested and tried many things so far. As well as a few alternatives to LR programs. So kind of know me around.

    * I am nerd. It means - programs are fun for me. Photographer by day. Nerd by night.


    Most importantly tryin' to help!


    How about you?


    How many white papers have you read? How familiar are you with the ins and outs of CMOS sensors and ADCs? Do you comprehend the significance of the logic where are the amplifiers located within DSLRs circuit board?  The differences between RAWs, and DNGs? How many third party firmwares on DSLRs have you installed? How many years have you spent on photoshop? Probably less than me since I am on board since version 3 (that is without the CS). DO you even know the color space of LR at least?


    Does any one of us really need to know the other one's answers? For me to be beta tester and for you to be ACP. I think NOT. ;-)


    And again why do you ask so many questions? :-)))) I thought ACPs giveanswers ;-)

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    Hi Noe-Gie,


    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Since you got the subscription yesterday and none of the apps are working, I would advice you to contact our tech support so that one of our engineers can look into it and help you get started. Troubleshooting via forums for individual apps could be lengthy. Here's the link you can check for the call back number for your region: Contact Customer Care




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  • 09/01/17--15:15: Segments API updates
  • First, thanks for providing the segments API-- lots of great functionality that have made my life a lot easier.


    One remaining challenge on my end is parsing the return when I request the definition field, particularly when a segment uses a time-within operator. I noticed that the API seems to now handle within operators, but still fails for after. For the latter, I still receive definition of:


    failed converting segment definition: failed converting restriction id


    This is in contrast to within, where I now receive e.g.:


    name element operator value within.value
    1 some_prop [p2]   prop2   equals    x   minutes            1
    2 some_prop [p2]   prop2   equals   x2      <NA>           NA


    Two main questions:


    1. Is the functionality of the Segments 1.4 API still a work-in-progress?
    2. Is there any (ideally regularly updated) documentation that lists the current known limitations/changelog?


    Also, is there any way to edit only segment metadata, i.e. an edit method/workaround? It seems that to edit a segment, one must use the Save method-- which means I need to pass in a full body. This can be challenging when the definition is particularly complex, and impossible in the aforementioned scenario when the definition cannot be parsed.


    There are times when I have a handful of segments where I simply want to change the name, or perhaps append a description. I can always do this manually, but it'd be convenient to do so programatically, since we've built out quite a bit of plumbing to leverage the API.

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    You can always transform a selection that you all ready made, just go to the menu select, and then transform.


    Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 7.13.41 PM.png


    You can also choose a % to reduce or expand it.


    Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 7.14.06 PM.png



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    How are you exporting the JOG? did you try the save for web menu?

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    That's it! Thanks a lot. I'm following the tutorial and you can see I haven't gotten that far yet.



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    The project will probably open in CC, but if you used any effects or transitions that are not in CC, they will not be available.
    Make sure to have a backup copy in case the original project file becomes corrupted when trying to open it.

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    Sorry Jeff, I was going to tag that correct, but don't see where that is.

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    Are you sure the fuzzy files are linked within InDesign? If the files are missing or no longer properly linked, this would explain why your images are appearing fuzzy.

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  • 09/01/17--15:15: Re: SEO issues
  • Out of curiosity, is there any reason that you hang around the Dreamweaver forums when you obviously hold such disdain for Dreamweaver and its users?

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    Hi, Om, I don't have webcom adware installed in my computer.




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    Forget registration. It’s not the same as activation and is completely unnecessary for something this old.

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    Adobe has a photoshop beta in the customer testing phase if you'd like to try it that has continuously variable scaling.


    The one main requirement is you need Windows 10 with the Creators update.


    Photoshop Continuously Scalable User Interface: Windows Beta Testers Needed

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    Hi DV,


    Checking on this for you.




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    An easy solution could be something like this(I have done several times):

    • Automated nightly(scheduled) job to back -content / assets / source - (specific paths)  from one Author to another environment. 

    Basically, We created a Scripts which nightly runs "automated' from Jenkins; run package:  prepare/builds/backups/for targetsite ( base on a certain path for content/assets/source ) and move up to Amazon S3(or any other way) is now past the test phase and should be ready for  after review .  

    Variables in the scripts allow these to run on dev/qa/stage/prod or any other environments. Easily adaptable to additional env setup as well .

    After that, we take data from Amazon s3 and install in lower environment in order to get always clean environments. In addition,  all backups have their own SCM - versioning strategy in case we need to restore a specific version.

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    You may need to convert the DJI Mavic files or use proxies.

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    When I installed Photoshop CC on my 17" screen laptop, the text on the top and the symbols in the tools bar are so small that it is difficult to read them. Is there any way to make them larger?


    Joe Casalino

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    Awesome, will check this out in the morning, thanks very much!

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    You can downgrade in creative cloud. There is an option called "view in previous version"

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  • 09/01/17--15:30: Re: epub3 back button?
  • I might just do that. So far I've been finding work arounds for the epub, so I'm going to keep working on that. The UI is essentially the same even if it gets output to HTML5, so I can keep working on it in indesign to the the interface and layout the way i want, and then decide on final output. thanks for the tip. I actually am using their scrolling script already, and saw the in5 but didn't really know what it was all about. The scrolling script works great in the epub luckily.

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